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Stick to the intrepid family!


If you are a family of explorers, at the Ruta del Ferro Hostel you will discover the castle of Count Arnau and learn how to make the bread of the abbesses.


If you have small scientists at home, at the Banyoles Hostel you are waiting to investigate life around the pond and magic legends.


If you want to enter as naturalists, at the Costa Brava Hostel you will enjoy the wildest Costa Brava next to sirens and pirates.


And for the biggest winegrowers, you have a new proposal at the Manà Manà Hostel to know the paths and the life of the fishermen.

Oh, that all the proposals are great and you do not know what to choose? 😉

And if you have not yet decided, you can read the experiences of some of the most daring families: Families on the Road, Mammaproof, Small travelers, Where are we going?

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